Small Space Backyard Ideas


Are your landscaping  dreams confined to a small backyard? Don't despair! Some of the most beautiful gardens take root in tiny spaces. With a little imagination and time
investment, you can develop an outdoor area that suits your needs and provides
an aesthetic oasis where you can relax. Discover some of the best small space
backyard ideas.

Tiers and Terraces

If you can create narrow tiers or terraces along one side of
your backyard, you'll find that the visual layers give the space more
dimension, making it look larger. Try long, narrow raised flowerbeds, starting
about halfway up the fence or wall and descending to ground level.

Keep the contents of the beds uniform for a clean beauty
that will refresh the eye. Check out our Romanstack
for a weathered, vintage look, or our Lineo
Dimension stone
for a sleek, modern look.

Wall Gardens

Want to have an herb garden but lack the space? Good news!
Herbs can be grown in a variety of containers of all sizes. You can buy compact
urban garden kits or supplies to create your own hanging wall garden, stocked
with fresh herbs that you can pluck to use in soups, salads, and other
delicious dishes.

Storage and Seating

When space is limited, you can combine seating options with
storage space. Choose chairs, couches, benches, or stools that have hidden
compartments, baskets or bins underneath to house gardening implements, outdoor
toys, extra pillows, and other necessities.

Fence Usage

If you have a fence, you can use it as a trellis for
clinging vines of all kinds. You could also install narrow, soil-filled boxes
to serve as additional planters for flowers or for vegetables like kale, fruits
like strawberries, or herbs such as oregano.

If you have children, consider painting the fence or wall
with chalkboard paint! The surface will serve as a welcome occupation and
distraction for little ones. Though the yard is small, they can have fun and
get creative while enjoying the fresh air.

Room Decor

Turn your small space backyard into an extension of your home! Include a pavilion, awning, umbrella, or pergola for coverage against rain and sun. String beautiful lights across the space for evening entertainment.

You can also invest in comfortable outdoor furniture with
plush, colorful cushions. Buy handy side tables that double as storage, and add
a tiny bar cart that holds adult beverages or delightful drinks like lemonade,
peach iced tea, or fruit punch.

For additional urban gardening ideas, or to buy soil, decorative
, grass seed, and other supplies, visit the Kurtz Bros., Inc. website. You can also contact us and we'll be happy to
share suggestions for gardening and relaxing in a small backyard.

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