How to Entertain Outdoors During the Winter

Fence-Chair-Snow-Park-Winter-Garden-Backyard-1604909Does the onset of winter mean that your days of hosting outdoor parties are over? Not necessarily! Unless the snow is several feet deep and the wind is howling, you may be able to host a delightful party outdoors, even during the winter. Here are some tips to keep your guests entertained and warm.

Build a Fire

Whether you have an outdoor fireplace, a fire pit built into the ground, or a portable metal fire pit, a fire can be a great way to gather everyone outdoors. A fire also generates heat, which should keep your friends and family members much warmer. You'll need plenty of fuel so that you can keep the flames going strong until the party is over. Remind your guests about basic fire safety, and keep some water on hand to put out any flames caused by sparks or other accidents.

Roast the Main Course

Of course, since you have a blazing fire going, you should roast something. Chunks of meat, bratwursts, hot dogs, sausages, and veggies all taste delicious roasted. If you're using a fire pit, you may have a metal grate that you can set over the fire, opening up all kinds of options for open-flame cooking. Use your imagination, get the guests involved, and have fun!

Invest in a Patio Heater

If you prefer not to tend a fire, a patio heater is an alternative way to bring some warmth to your outdoor space. These heaters can be pricey, but they can warm a patio, alcove, or deck effectively if the wind isn't too strong. Choose from hanging, floor-standing, or tabletop options.

Bring on the Beverages

Whether it's hot chocolate, eggnog, or something stronger, a hot drink is a sure way to keep your guests warmed down to their toes when you're entertaining outdoors in cold weather.

Pile On the Blankets

No matter how well your fire or heater is warming the space, some of your guests may be more vulnerable to cold than others. Have plenty of cozy blankets on hand, from fun patterns to classic plaids to solid colors that go with your outdoor decor. Your guests will love wrapping themselves up and singing songs or telling stories around the fire as people have done since ancient times.

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