How Many Truck Loads of Dirt Do I Need?

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing soil for large projects such as landscaping a large area, construction, or remodeling. Fortunately, we sell SuperSacks that provide the soil in bulk without the mess. Learn how you can calculate how many truckloads of dirt you need for your next project!

Choose a Quality Soil

Regardless of what your project comprises, you need to purchase quality soil that can properly sustain plant life, and that isn't full of filler ingredients like sand. You should select topsoil that has been screened for easier and more effective application and promotes stronger, healthier plants. Moreover, it should be light to improve soil drainage and workability.

Calculate in Cubic Feet

Before ordering soil, measure your lawn in feet or inches to calculate cubic yards. You need to measure the width, length, and depth of the area you intend to fill. To make calculations easier, use our cubic yard calculator for an estimated measurement. If you are ordering our SuperSacks, each one contains one cubic yard of soil. Typically a 1 cubic yard of dirt is equal to 2,000 lbs or 1 ton of dirt. 

Truck Load of Dirt - Red Truck With Bags of Dirt

How Many Truck Loads of Dirt Do I Order?

A standard dump truck can typically carry 10 to 14 cubic yards of dirt in a truckload. As a result, we can deliver up to 14 SuperSacks can be at one time. If your project is much larger, and you need 32 cubic yards of dirt, you’re probably going to need three truckloads of dirt. 

Truck Loads of Dirt Delivered from Kurtz Bros., Inc.

We deliver SuperSacks to you! No need to rent a truck or deal with the hassle. The material will be left wherever instructed and will sit on a wooden pallet that remains with you unless you'd like to return it with us. Our sacks are easy to cut and mess-free in comparison to soil deliveries that are just dumped on your driveway or property. Visit  Kurtz Bros., Inc. for more information, or contact us to learn more!

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