Xeriscape with Landscaping Boulders and Rocks

Beautiful traditional grass and garden areas often come at a cost. This often includes the time to maintain the area and the wealth of water to keep these areas lush. A solution to this issue is landscaping with boulders and rocks. A popular option many homeowners are now considering is xeriscaping. Xeriscaping is drought-resistant landscaping that often includes boulders and rocks to direct water to areas that need it most and improve drainage. Foremost, if you are considering employing xeriscape principles in your lawn this year, it is important to observe the layout of your lawn. Consider where water pools when it rains, your soil quality, and where the sun is most severe during the summer months. Doing this will help you decide the best placement for boulders, rocks, and plants. 

Conserve Water with Landscaping Boulders and Rocks 

Employing green infrastructure and water conservation efforts in your lawn can be an appealing solution that not only looks attractive but also requires little to no maintenance while promoting natural biodiversity. By implementing xeriscaping strategies, such as layering sand for proper irrigation and plotting boulders and rocks, you can decrease your annual water use drastically. By using more gravel, and by taking advantage of native drought-resistant plants, you can lessen maintenance costs and waste even more!

Save Time Maintaining Your Lawn with Xeriscaping

A distinct appeal of xeriscaping and using landscaping boulders and rocks is how little maintenance they require. These natural stones do well during the winter and can save you time and effort at the end of the season. In the summer and spring, you can plant an array of colorful drought-resistant plants that will function well in that space. With less lawn care and watering, your space can look clean and abundant with little daily effort. To save even more time, consider planting native vegetation that is already acclimated to the environment and soil, and therefore need less fertilizer and attention while improving local biodiversity. 

Landscaping boulders rocks

Use Landscaping Boulders and Rocks to Separate Garden Areas

Another advantage of utilizing landscaping boulders and rocks is that you can still dedicate specific areas to green gardens. You can direct the water precisely to this area. These patches can be used as vegetable garden beds or to grow cut flowers that need specific kinds of soil, fertilizer, and maintenance. In this manner, you are dedicating your focus to one area. Moreover, landscape boulders and rocks are not only functional but are aesthetically stunning and can set your place apart from the rest. 

If you are looking for high-quality boulders, and want to expand your green infrastructure efforts, we would be happy to assist you. Visit  Kurtz Bros., Inc. for more information or contact us to learn more!

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