How to Prepare Your Lawn Care Equipment for Spring


With the holidays behind you, it's time to begin looking ahead toward spring. Before the weather warms, take stock of your lawn care supplies and appliances and do any necessary maintenance. Find out how to prepare your lawn care equipment for spring, so it will be ready when you need it.  

Change the Lawn Mower Oil 

One of the most important implements in your lawn care arsenal is the lawn mower. To get this vital piece of equipment in shape for spring mowing, take out the old spark plug first and discard it.  

While the spark plug is out, you can change the oil. For most mowers, this process involves taking out the oil drain plug and emptying the old, dirty oil. Once it all drains out into a container, you can put the plug back in and add fresh oil according to the recommendations in your owner's manual.  

Clean the Lawn Mower  

Next, loosen clumps of solidified grass and dirt that may have become caked onto parts of your mower. Spray the mower down with the hose on a hard setting to remove any additional clippings, twigs, or bits of debris jammed into its parts. If you like, you can apply some wax to the lawn mower deck to help it shine. 

Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blade 

If your lawn mower blade isn't crisply sharpened, it will chew off the ends of your grass instead of cutting them neatly. The ragged mowing job could actually kill your grass, giving you a brown lawn instead of the lovely green one you want. Sharpen the blade to ensure a nice clean cut. If the blade was damaged, dented, or deeply pitted along the cutting edge during last year's use, discard it and buy a replacement.  

Oil the Parts of the Lawn Mower 

The final step is to lubricate all the moving parts of the mower. Like any machine, the mower runs better and lasts longer if all its components can glide smoothly while it's functioning. Don't forget to insert a brand new spark plug as the finishing touch! 

Examine Other Tools and Equipment 

While you're in the shed or garage working on your lawn mower, take some time to examine the other tools you commonly use for lawn care. Electric trimmers and clippers may also need to be cleaned, sharpened, and oiled. Clean the dirt and debris off spades, trowels, and rakes, and tighten any loose handles. Check for bent or broken implements that may need replacing.  

For additional lawn care assistance, supplies, or advice, feel free to contact Kurtz Bros., Inc. Our lawn care experts are happy to point you toward the best grass seed, fertilizer, and lawn care equipment to help you get your yard in shape for spring. 

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