Creative Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

No matter what size your backyard may be, you might find that you're tired of the same stretch of grass, the same views of trees and fence and patio. Discover some ways that you can boost the fun factor, enhance the view, or simply provide a new point of interest. Check out these creative landscaping ideas for your backyard.  

A Backyard Maze 

Adults will enjoy this activity almost as much as the kids do! Turn your backyard into a maze using raised flowerbeds, bushes, hedges, or planters. Using a mixture of tall and short plants, play with sight lines and perspective. The maze can be as large as your backyard, or you can limit to one area of the outdoor space.  

A Hanging Garden  

Since the famous Hanging Gardens of ancient Babylon, vertical gardening has fascinated experts and novices alike. Using decorative stone, quick-setting concrete, wood, or other materials, you can design a high wall on which to hang small planters, or tiered levels in which to create narrow plant beds. Use container mix or bed mix from Kurtz Bros. to ensure healthy, thriving vines, flowers, and other plants.  

Indoor Comfort, Outdoor Living 

Want to make your backyard feel like an extension of your home's indoor living space? Take some decor elements that would traditionally be for indoors and bring them outside. For example, repurpose a lovely old chandelier by installing small solar lights instead of bulbs. Attach it to a tree branch. Underneath, place a comfy couch, reupholstered in waterproof outdoor fabric.  

Swinging in Style 

Do you have a tree with a sturdy branch, just right for an old-fashioned swing? Instead of using a single board as the swing seat, cut the legs off an old chair, spray it with bright paint, and drill holes for the ropes. The swing becomes a colorful focal point as well as a spot for kids or adults to enjoy a little fun.  

Artificial Grass 

Is your outdoor space limited? You can turn the entire area into a patio using concrete or pavers. When you want some green in your space, cover the patio with a rug that looks like artificial turf. The faux grass rug can be rolled up and put away if you're grilling or using a fire pit, then laid out again when you want a softer, greener space.  

Mini Flower Display 

For a limited backyard space, use a pallet for a mini flower display. Spray-paint the pallet in a color you like, then turn it upright on its side. The top, bottom, and crosspieces form narrow shelves where you can arrange plants in small pots or jars. If you'd like to try growing vegetables, order an urban garden kit from Kurtz Bros.  

Kids' Corner 

If you have children, consider setting aside part of your backyard space for special kid-friendly activities. An obstacle course or a playhouse can provide hours of fun, or you can use paving stones to create a hopscotch board.  

Contact the team at Kurtz Bros., Inc. anytime, whether you need toolslawn care materials, or other supplies for landscaping. We're happy to help you transform your backyard into a more beautiful, usable, and creative space.  

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