Construction Waste Management 101

Are you doing any home improvement projects this summer? Maybe expanding a garage, constructing a deck, building a shed, adding a screened-in porch, or totally redoing your outdoor space? You'll have a lot of debris, trash, and various types of waste leftover from the process. Read on to find out how to correctly handle your construction waste.

Know Your Paint Disposal Methods

You don't want to risk harm to the environment by improperly handling your leftover paint and old paint cans. If you seal it correctly, you can keep leftover paint to do touch-ups jobs later on, or you can donate it. If you have wet latex paint that you really don't want, mix it with kitty litter or old newspapers and leave it out to dry, or use a paint hardener. As long as your local laws don't say otherwise, you can place the dried-out paint in the trash. Some kinds of leftover paint should go to a reuse or recycling center, including any oil-based paints.

Rent a Rolloff Container

Dumping construction materials like unused lumber, metal, glass, or similar items in with your regular trash just isn't allowed in many communities. Check the laws for your area, but be aware that you may need to find a Plan B for disposal. If you're doing a big project that is generating a significant amount of debris, like tearing out an old deck, rent a rolloff container. Just be sure that you obtain a permit to park it on the street and clearly mark it with caution cones.

Donate, Donate, Donate

Always think about reuse and recycling before you resort to a rolloff container or a dumpster. Old windows, scraps of lumber, leftover pipes, and discarded stone or fixtures could all be exciting treasures to someone else. Some people make a living off of transforming leftovers and rejected items into upcycled beauties. As you dismantle the old shed, deck, or porch, take care not to damage the goods that you might be able to donate.

Get Some Help from the Experts

If you'd rather not have the hassle of handling all the construction waste management yourself, contact Kurtz Bros. We specialize in waste management, green infrastructure, and landscape supply. We can provide you with the solutions and skilled labor that you need to get that waste properly disposed of in a timely manner. With the mess gone, you'll be able to enjoy the home improvements that you made.

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