Comprehensive Decorative Stone Guide

When perfecting a landscape, stones are often utilized for both aesthetic and structural purposes. At Kurtz Brothers Inc., we have a variety of decorative stones that are perfect for various applications. 

Buff Blend Outcroppings 

For irregular landscapes that are pitched and slopped, outcropping stone is utilized in retaining walls. This keeps the soil in place and serves as a means for erosion control. At Kurtz Brothers Inc., our  Buff Blend Outcropping  stones are perfect to use in a retaining wall at your home. These massive stones not only provide the necessary foundation to keep your landscape intact, but they are an attractive option that will also add an element of class to your backyard. Keep in mind that these rocks are large and erosion control systems should be installed by a professional! 

Decorative Stone Steps 

When you hear granite you probably think about countertops in your kitchen, but you can also utilize granite in outside application. These  Granite Steps  come in a variety of sizes so you can pick the perfect ones for your backyard patio. They can complement a stone patio or be used as a walkway down a sloped embankment. 

Heavy Fieldstone Steppers are another option if you want a stone step with more of an earthy hue. As opposed to the light gray granite, fieldstone steppers are darker with more red and brown hues. These are perfect to pair with a stunning flagstone patio. 

Keep in mind that these decorative stone steppers are very heavy and may need to be installed by a professional. This will ensure they are level, secure, and set up to last a lifetime. 

Kewanee Creek Flats 

If you are looking for smooth stones to add a decorative element to your home, the  Kewanee Creek Flats  might be your best option. These stones are a mix of various hues and sizes and can add a pop of color to a standard garden bed. They are also large enough to provide a decorative border around a landscape bed or to line a pathway. These vibrant stones can be installed on your own all in one weekend or even a day if you have a friend helping, but you’ll want to wear gloves to keep your hands from getting worn down.  

Wall Stones 

Landscaping is an art, in part because there are so many options. You can choose from flowers, shrubs, and trees, different mulch colors and types, and even different edging. While some people like to edge their garden beds with an edger or weed whacker, adding a decorative stone element to your beds can enhance their beauty. This  Colonial Wall Stone  is the perfect size and shape to add a dramatic element to even the most basic landscape beds. Plus, they’re light enough to install on your own. 

If you are looking to build a rock wall in your yard,  Laurel Mountain Wall Stone is another good choice. Each rock has a mix of gray, brown, and red hues that will add some variation and life to your landscape. These stones can be used in either a retaining wall or as a border to a landscape bed. If just using this to line a garden or landscape bed, you will be able to install this stone on your own. However, if you are looking to utilize it in a retaining wall for erosion control you will want to bring in the professionals. 

Last, but not least, there is also Pocono Blend Wall Stone. This blend of stones has more color variation amongst stones than Colonial and Laurel Mountain wall stones. They are great to use in retaining walls or around garden and landscape beds as opposed to smaller boulders or edging. 

Moss Rock 

Though these stones are not quite large enough to use in a retaining wall,  Moss Rock  is perfect for creating a barrier around a landscape bed. With a darker grey-brown hue, this stone will make a dramatic statement when used in your landscaping. You can pick up a pallet load and place it around your front beds for a stunning transformation in as little as a few hours.   

Pebbles & Small Stones 

Mexican Beach Pebbles are great to have on hand. These smooth stones are perfect for many applications, including filling a landscape bed, surrounding a pool, or to fill in a walkway. They are a light hue of gray with some soft pinks, purples, and browns mixed in. The good thing about this decorative stone is that it is easy to manage on your own, so you can purchase them without worry about hiring a professional. 

To enhance flower beds and decorative edging,  Tuscan Stone  is another good option. This new product not only protects the root systems of your landscape from extreme weather conditions, it is also fireproof, lightweight, and maintains moisture. The color will not fade and the stones will not breakdown so you will have an attractive landscape with little maintenance. With a variety of hues and sizes in every stone, Tuscan Stone will add some variety and vibrancy to your standard landscape bed. 

Patio Stones 

In lieu of a standard wooden deck, more people are turning to stone patios. This adds a natural and more serene feeling to your backyard. If you are looking for a stone patio, check out our  Irregular Standing  stones that are perfect for patio installations. While DIY sites make it look like installing a flagstone patio is easy, if you want a long-lasting, quality natural stone patio, you probably want to bring in the professionals. With the proper tools and installation, these stones can provide a quality patio that will last for years to come. 

Ohio Mix Boulders 

If you are looking for versatility, the  Ohio Mix Boulders are definitely a decorative stone that you should check out. These stones are a mix of granite and sandstone boulders and can be used for a variety of landscape applications; such as lining a driveway, adding natural stone elements to a garden, and lining garden or landscaping beds. If you want to add some dramatic flair to your landscape, these stones range from 8 to 24 inches and are sold by the ton. 


To get prices, check availability or place an order today,  contact  Kurtz Brothers Inc. today! As the premier  landscape supply company  in your area, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products at affordable prices to keep your home or commercial building looking immaculate year round. If you’re looking for more information on decorative stones or other landscape supply, stop into our store to learn how we can make your landscape projects a success.  

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