Firewood Storage Ideas and Solutions


As winter approaches and you begin preparing for cozy evenings by your fireplace, we often forget the importance of proper outdoor kindling storage. Because wood is an organic material that can break down with age or become waterlogged, you should consider using our recommend stacking technique and one of these unique DIY firewood storage ideas! 

Choose High-Quality Firewood and Stack It Correctly

First, before building your firewood storage, you should ensure that you have high-quality firewood and that you are stacking it correctly. Quality firewood should be hardwood and can be ash, oak, maple, or hickory. When stacking your firewood, the ends should be crisscrossed as shown in our video. We place each firewood bark down to create air space and to force moisture out. More importantly, your firewood should be off the ground to promote air circulation, which is why we have two excellent DIY options in this blog post. 

DIY Firewood Storage Shed

You can build yourself a firewood storage shed that will not only organize your firewood but also protect it from extreme weather conditions. All you need is some lumber, plywood, underlayment to build a roof, screws, and bolts. The foundation of the firewood storage shed, like this one, will comprise a frame reinforced with slats.

firewood storage

First, you will need to build your sides using 2x4 posts. They should be attached to the frame using 3" bolts to secure them in place. The posts at the front of the structure should be lower than the ones in the back to create a slope for water runoff. Next, build rim rafters at the top of the structure angled 75 degrees and reinforced with slats using 1 1/4" screws. Lastly, layer the roof with plywood and the roof underlayment of your choosing. You can then paint the firewood storage shed to your liking.

A-Frame Outdoor Kindling Storage

You can purchase an A-frame kindling storage for outdoors or build one yourself. This one is easier than a storage shed while still providing cover for your firewood. You can make your A-frame outdoor kindly storage with materials like lumber, pallets, corrugated tin, and bolts. Further, an A-frame firewood storage unit has additional benefits. If you attach a hinge to the top of the frame, it can be folded flat once empty. You can simply store your firewood storage away during the spring and winter months with ease. And like the storage shed, it can be painted and designed to match your needs. 

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