Types of Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting

Whether you tend to curl up indoors at night or use your outdoor space at all hours, you’ll need some effective outdoor lighting. Outdoor lights eliminate dark corners, reducing the likelihood of security problems, and they keep your evening guests from tripping in the dark as they approach your front door. Explore the types of outdoor lighting and select an option that feels right for your lifestyle.

Activity Lights

Many people enjoy hosting parties and gatherings that continue well into the evening and spread beyond the confines of the house itself. If you’re planning to host guests outdoors as well as indoors, you need some bright, warm lights that offer pleasant illumination for the activities at hand.

Smaller, more ornate lights work well for lighting a path or a patio, while floodlights are perfect to illuminate broader areas, like an entire lawn or a pool and its surrounding space.

Security Lights

If you’re primarily interested in lighting up your property to discourage thieves and vandals, you may want to invest in security lights. You can find motion-sensitive lights, flood lights, spotlights, and a variety of other styles.

If you choose lights that are activated by motion sensors, be sure to pick a style that allows you to alter the settings. That way, you can adjust the lights so that small nocturnal animals won’t trigger them.

Decorative Lights

Some lights are primarily decorative, or used only to light a small space, such as the front entrance of the home. Wall-mounted sconces, a large lantern hung above the door on a chain, or inset floor lighting can work well to illuminate the front steps and the door for late-night visitors.

Remember, every home’s style is different, and the decorative lighting you select should complement that style. You might choose some pretty decorative sconces to lend old-school charm to a Colonial-style home. A more modern home would need sharper, crisper lighting, offered by fixtures that coordinate with the house’s design.

Style Options

Sconces are among the most popular choices for outdoor lighting. These lights can be flush-mounted to the wall, or they can be semi-flush mounted, which allows them to extend a bit from the wall. Wall lanterns and barn lights are examples of fixtures with a semi-flush mounting system. A bulkhead light (a nautical-inspired lamp with a cage around the bulb) is typically an example of a flush-mounted light.

Spotlights are often adjustable, with pivot heads that can be moved to cover a different area as needed. You can use spotlights to draw attention to certain points of interest in your landscape.

Floodlights are helpful for security or for illuminating sections of the outdoor space that are used for activities. They’re usually not as attractively designed as some of the other outdoor lighting options.

For additional advice about outdoor lighting, its uses, and various styles options, consult with the experts at Kurtz Bros., Inc. Our landscaping gurus are well-versed in all aspects of outdoor landscaping, including the choice of lighting, and we’ll be happy to provide some tips.