The Best Soil for Every Garden

best soil

The best soil for every garden is Worm Dirt Topsoil, a premium blend enriched with pure worm castings. The organic matter in this dirt makes it perfect for your prominent front flowerbeds, your vegetable garden, or anywhere you want to ensure beautiful, lush plants.

With Worm Dirt Topsoil, you’ll find that vegetables are larger, fruits are sweeter, and flowers grow taller and bloom more beautifully. Your trees and shrubs may also grow faster than usual.

Benefits of Worm Dirt Topsoil

Worm Dirt Topsoil doesn’t compact as easily as other soil types, which means that air and moisture and nutrients can circulate through it more effectively. Plants are less likely to suffer from disease when couched in this type of well-drained soil.

When to Use Worm Dirt Topsoil

Use Worm Dirt Topsoil anytime you’re putting in new plants, or whenever you want to enrich your current soil and prompt more enthusiastic growth. This type of earth works well for new flower gardens, herb gardens, or vegetable gardens; and you’ll also find it ideal for raised beds, young trees, or newly installed lawns.

How to Apply and Maintain Your Soil

To apply Worm Dirt Topsoil, apply it evenly over the existing dirt or fill in the newly created flowerbed or garden bed space. You can spread it out by hand or with a rake.

Once installed, your fresh garden soil shouldn’t need much maintenance. You may have to add a little more once the earth settles after the first application. Thanks to the excellent pH balance of the soil, you shouldn’t have to use addition soil amendments as frequently, or at all.

Other High-Quality Soils

Regular Bed Mix works well for standard flower beds and vegetable gardens, or for areas where you plan to install new trees or shrubs. This type of soil is engineered to drain beautifully, ensuring the health of the soil and encouraging powerful, deep roots. You can apply it with a blower or by hand, depending on the amount you plan to use.

Kurtz Bros., Inc. also offers a superb Professional Blend Lawn and Garden Mix, the top choice when it comes to establishing new lawns or garden beds. Rich and uniform, this beautiful earthy mix ensures excellent nutrition and moisture retention for newly planted grasses, flowers, shrubs, trees, or plants.

When you need an attractive dark soil that’s workable and adaptable to different needs, choose the All-Purpose Topsoil. It’s perfect for landscape construction and for creating that beautiful finish you want for your business’s front landscape or your home’s garden.

Kurtz Bros., Inc. also supplies an All-Weather Planting Mix, a type of compost-based earth that you can use to enhance existing raised beds, gardens, shrubs, or trees. Apply it in any weather and rest assured that it will improve the health of your plants.

To find out more about soil varieties and to determine which one may be right for your landscaping needs, contact the lawn care experts at Kurtz Bros. today.