How to Maintain Backyard Walkways

backyard walkways

Your backyard walkways provide your family and guests with paths to follow so they can enjoy the beauty of nature and the aesthetic of your landscape. However, a poorly kept walkway can distract from the natural appeal of the landscape, and it may also pose a hazard to your visitors. Find out how to maintain backyard walkways so they add to the visual interest of your landscape, rather than detracting from it.

Sweep and Tidy Up Your Backyard Walkways

Simply brushing away the dirt, grass clippings, and other debris with a broom goes a long way toward making your backyard walkways attractive and usable. Outdoor toys, sticks or branches from the last thunderstorm, clippings from when you recently trimmed the hedge—all those items can be tripping hazards, and they can detract from the overall look of your backyard landscape.

Clean Up Stains on the Pavers or Concrete

Whether you have concrete walkways or pavers, you may find that your backyard walkway occasionally develops oils stains or other stains. Kurtz Bros carries a range of cleaners for concrete and natural stone, cleaners to remove moss and mildew build up, and to remove rubber and tar from your concrete paved surfaces or natural stone. If you’re not sure which is the best cleaner to use, consult one of our experts for the best results.

Pull Out the Weeds from Your Backyard Walkway

Weeds and grass can encroach between paving stones or in the cracks of a concrete backyard walkway. Spray these weeds with weedkiller and then remove the wilted stems—or just pull them out. If you’re okay with grass growing between your walkway’s paving stones, keep that grass trimmed to a level that’s even with the rest of the lawn.

Eliminate Mold Growth

If your walkway is in a moist, shady area, you may encounter some mold issues. Keep an eye out for black, green, yellow, or white mold with a spongy consistency. Undiluted white vinegar in a spray bottle can help to eliminate the mold before it has a chance to erode your walkway.

Fix Broken Pieces or Cracks

Jutting, tilted pavers, broken tiles, or cracks in the concrete are not only unsightly—they can also be a hazard to your family and guests. When you notice such issues occurring because of dramatic temperature changes or hard use, take the time to repair the problems.

Repairing a walkway can be as simple as replacing one paver or as complex as re-pouring the concrete for the entire walkway. If you don’t have time for a major fix, find a way to cover or patch the problem area temporarily, and be sure to warn guests of the potential hazard.

Use Special Care with Brick Walkways

Brick walkways are often easier to repair, due to their modular nature. However, bricks can be susceptible to chipping, breaking, and cracking. Avoid using a wire brush to clean your brick walkway—instead, use a stiff broom and then follow up the sweeping with a blast from the hose.

The landscaping experts at Kurtz Bros., Inc. are always happy to assist you. Call anytime with questions about landscaping supplies, lawn care equipment, best practices for stormwater management, and any other lawn care issues that may be of concern to you.