Easy-Care Garden Plants

garden plants

You’d like to have a fabulous-looking garden, but you just don’t have the time to tend to your plants on a regular basis. What you need are some hardy, good-looking garden plants that can basically take care of themselves. Check out our list of easy-care garden plants that you’ll love having in your flowerbeds.


Poppies have beautiful, bright blooms, and they’re surprisingly resilient. All they need is lots of sun exposure and some minimal watering during dry spells.


Hostas aren’t just popular for their looks; they’re also a favorite because of their rugged nature. Their beautiful dual-toned leaves make a fantastic addition to any flowerbed, and you won’t need to tend to them at all; they can make it even in dry, shady soil.


Yarrow grows naturally in fields, spreading sunny blooms atop long stems. If you need some height in your flowerbeds, try these hardy flowers. They can handle fairly extreme heat and long periods of drought.


A lovely ornamental grass, switchgrass is perfect for adding texture and dimension to flowerbeds. It’s typically greenish-blue in the summer and red or golden during autumn. All it needs to thrive is an ample daily dose of sunlight.


With their multilayered, richly colored blooms, peonies are in high demand with gardeners and florists alike. Surprisingly, these beautiful plants don’t need much care. They can grow in many different climates, and they live for decades.


Deer-resistant, sweet-smelling, and attractive, lavender is another popular choice for gardeners who don’t have much time to spare. You can fill an entire bed with it, line walkways with it, or use it as a complement to other plants.


Snapdragons thrive in either warm or cool climates. They also bloom for a relatively long time, and their narrow, dual-toned leaves are particularly pretty.

Black-Eyed Susans

Bold, bright, and self-seeding, black-eyed Susans turn any flowerbed into a statement piece. These tough plants bloom in the late summer and early fall.

Bulb Flowers

Plant your daffodil or tulip bulbs once, in the fall, and you won’t have to do a thing to them again. They’ll keep showing up every year, brightening your flowerbeds with stunning blooms. The one recommended bit of care they’ll need is a quick snip of any wilted, brown leaves.

Hydrangeas, sedum, asters, boxwood, daylilies, and hardy geraniums also require minimal maintenance beyond judicious placement in your flowerbeds. For more suggestions on hardy, easy-care garden plants, contact Kurtz Bros., Inc. Our landscaping experts will be happy to answer your questions and direct you to varieties that suit your aesthetic needs as well as your busy schedule.