How to Entertain Outdoors During the Winter

Does the onset of winter mean that your days of hosting outdoor parties are over? Not necessarily! Unless the snow is several feet deep and the wind is howling, you may be able to host a delightful party outdoors, even during the winter. Here are some tips to keep your guests entertained and warm. Build … Continue reading “How to Entertain Outdoors During the Winter”

Should You Mow Your Lawn During the Winter?

Whether you’ve lived in your home for years or just recently purchased it, there are probably a few aspects of lawn care scratching your head. How should you take care of your lawn during the winter? Are there different recommended methods for lawns in different regions of the country? Let’s focus on one particular question … Continue reading “Should You Mow Your Lawn During the Winter?”

February Garden and Lawn Care Tips

In many areas of the country, the truly severe winter weather doesn’t start until after Christmas. January brings the full power of winter, with snowstorms, icy rain, or powerful winds, depending on the area of the country in which you live. Here are some ways to protect your lawn and garden from January’s weather. Check … Continue reading “February Garden and Lawn Care Tips”